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~Seismyc~ Trace 04
August 19, 2013 02:02 PM PDT
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~The latest in the ~Seismyc~ Housecast Traces series, Trace 04 is a live mixed compilation of my latest dancefloor destroying House bombs. This month's edition features new releases and soon to be released tracks by the H3LIUM crew's Lizzie Curious and DMS12 (Hold On Tight - Dolly Rockers Remix), a HUGE new remix by Jason Chance (Killerbeatz - Bring It Back), as well as tracks by Rober Gaez, Mario Ochoa, Hoxton Whores, Phunk Investigation, Franky Rizardo, Christian Smith, David Penn, Mihalis Safras, Stefano Noferini, Abel Ramos, Joan Reyes, Hatiras, Pagano, and a host of others. Thanks for tuning in, hope you enjoy the mix~


You can find the full tracklist on the ~Seismyc~ Facebook fan page ~

For other mixes by ~Seismyc~, and the rest of the H3LIUM crew, also visit the H3LIUM crew podcast on iTunes, on PodOmatic, or at

~Seismyc~ Trace 03
March 13, 2013 12:25 PM PDT
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Here it is, the March edition of the ~Seismyc~ "Traces" Housecast series. This live mixed compilation is a House music rollercoaster, intended to take you through a full range of Seismyc-ly inspired emotions. Starting off with some of the hand-raising electro sounds by artists like Tune Brothers, Tony Arzadon, and Bingo Players, the mix fades into a more sunny day to soulful vibe with tracks by Raul Cremona, Audio Jacker, Patrick M, and The Martinez Brothers. Of particular note in this month's mix, the transition to the more high energy finale kicks into high gear starting with a "CuriousMashup" by fellow H3LIUM resident, Lizzie Curious (the classic vocal by Ce Ce Peniston "Finally" with Michael Woods and Chris Lake's "Domino's"). Rounding out the mix and coming full circle are some rippin' and a-tearin' electro beats by DBN, David Jones and Dean Coleman. Hope you enjoy the ride!


Mastered by Nathan of Astroshift
The full tracklist will be posted to the Seismyc fan page on Facebook

~Seismyc~ Technology
February 09, 2013 02:07 PM PST
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TECH-YES... Taking a short departure from the "Trace" mix series to bring my audience a little taste of the deeper side of House Music. I give you ~Seismyc~ "Technology". This live mixed compilation, is a thrumming mixture of tech house & techno, intended to give your subs a pulse pounding workout. Let's get deeper, my friends...


Mastered by Nathan of Astroshift

Tracklist coming soon...

~Seismyc~ Trace 02
December 07, 2012 12:48 PM PST
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The December edition of the ~Seismyc~ Traces Housecast series is a live mixed compilation of tracks currently burning their way across the global dancefloor. The past month has seen the release of some incredible releases by the likes of Tim Cullen & Evil Twin (Discobomb ~ Original Mix), Felix Leiter, Stefano Nofferini, Bass Robbers & Sick Individuals, James Murray, Zoltan Kontes & Martin Villenueve, Noosa, Lifelike & Kris Menace, Zoe Badwi, and a host of others. Enjoy!


Mastering by Nathan of Astroshift.

For the complete tracklist and/or bookings, please email or visit my page on Facebook (

~Seismyc~ Trace 01
June 24, 2012 08:37 PM PDT
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The new ~Seismyc~ mix series "Traces" kicks off with a track by some of my favorite artists in the world of EDM, StoneBridge, Jaxx Da Fishworks, and singer/songwriter Krista Richards. The track is titled Tomorrowland (MC Flipside Remix), soon to be released under the Hed Kandi label. THIS TRACK IS HUGE!!! Big ups and best wishes to all that contributed to that track.

As for the rest of this mix, I was already excited to kick off the new live mixed series, but it has turned out WAY better than I could have expected. Please have a listen a judge for yourself. I personally can't keep my hands out of the air when I listen to it!

The mix features several other huge tracks/promos off the Stoney Boy label, as they are cranking out dancefloor devastating house music bomb after bomb. Some of the other artists showcased in this mix include J-C, My Digital Enemy, Chris Moody and Dion Mavath, Stereo Sun, Inaya Day and Crystal Waters, Huggy and Dean Newton, Belocca and Jorgensen, Spencer & Hill, Whitenoize, Fricia & Lamboy, and Carl Cox, just to name a few!

Also, much love goes to my boy, Nathan, of Astroshift for mastering this mix, and to Trey Bien for the series' cover art!


Please email me at for the complete tracklist.

~Seismyc~ Alias
November 24, 2011 08:23 AM PST
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The November edition of the ~Seismyc~ Housecast, "Alias" is a live mixed compilation featuring a couple HUGE new tracks by up-an-comers Lawrence & Celauro, as well as AD Tag Team, Wally Lopez and MYNC, John Modena, Shermanology, Junior Sanchez, and Paul Thomas just to name a few. While keeping with the ~Seismyc~ mantra of soundwave inuendo, "Alias" is also a double entendre, as this mix is also destined to be my first "resident showcase mix" for the new/upcoming H3LIUM crew podcast mix series. Comprised of mixes by the H3LIUM resident DJ's Damian (Miami), Domas (Los Angeles), Adrenal (San Diego), T-Starr (Los Angeles), Ryan Patrick (Chicago), and yours truly, expect all genres of EDM to be represented in a big way, including guest mixes by top international talent!


Mastering by Nathan of Astroshift
Email for tracklist

~Seismyc~ Revolution
August 28, 2011 04:48 PM PDT
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Inspired by the 2011 Revolution Party in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, the ~Seismyc~ Revolution Housecast is a mixed compilation of tracks from several of my DJ sets. It was an EPIC aural journey, playing tunes back-to-back with an amazing crew of DJ's, feeding off the vibes from a blazing hot crew of House Music Soldiers that were there for a 96 hour beach-side House Music marathon. Much love to all those that wore out the soles of their flippy floppies on the dancefloor!!


Artwork by TreyBien, mastering by Nathan of Astroshift
For the tracklist, please email me at

IndepenDance Weekend Warmup - 2011 Anthems & Remixed Classics
July 01, 2011 01:28 PM PDT
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The ~Seismyc~ Housecast dedication to the "American Way", IDWW is crammed full of tracks that the masses will recognize and love. There's a reason most of these tracks have found or will be finding their way to the top of the charts, and it isn't because they suck! These beats are perfect grilled and will go great with any side dish, just right for those hard to please crowds around the BBQ ;o)


~Seismyc~ Miami Music Week 2011
April 08, 2011 06:39 PM PDT
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This DJ mixed compilation is comprised of tracks from my set list that I dropped back-to-back with my H3LIUM-3 cohort, Damian, at the "Sugar House" event during the 2011 Miami Music Week in South Beach, Miami. A big shout out to Stonebridge's label Stoneyboy, who has been cranking out dancefloor killers left and right, including remixes of the Astroshift track "Tonight" feat. Krista Richards. An absolutely GORGEOUS set of vocals and remixes, and the only track to have made two of my housecasts (the new 'S69 remix' is featured on this Housecast). Krista Richards' live vocals absolutely melted the hearts of the crowds at both the Juicy Beach party (with Stonebridge), and during our set at the H3LIUM-3 event at Dream nightclub. This mix captures the vibe and energy of the set Damian and I threw down that night, so if you didn't catch it live, have a listen, and feel the love.


BIG props to Nathan of Astroshift for mastering this mix, and to TreyBien for his SICK^3 cover art! Contact for more info on their services.

~Seismyc~ Fruitcake Brigade Worldwide
January 08, 2011 07:43 PM PST
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2010 set the bar for the H3LIUM-3 crew, making music and friends around the world. We capped it off in true Fruitcake Brigade style, along side our compadres DJ Adrenal (Los Angeles) and Lizzie Curious (London). The crew lit up the decks, as we welcomed 2011 with thundering basslines at the Desirous Party's "Pink Diamond Affair" in Houston, Texas. Our fellow Fruitcakes were in attendance from around the world to witness what was, in my mind, one of the best NYE's I can remember(ishwinking Here is a mix of tracks from my playlist, not all of which made it to the decks that night, but I feel they capture the spirit of the event.

The tracklist is coming soon, but I want to draw special attention to the first track, "Departures" which was originally produced by Robbie Rivera, and features vocals from our girl, Lizzie Curious, and was remixed by Stoney (Stonebridge) and Chris Kaeser. TUUUUUNE!!!

Artwork by Treybien, and mastering by Nathan of Astroshift. Much love!! Email me for their info at


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